Sharp-eyed visitors to Bristol Programming may have noticed a link to the new Bristol Programming Bulletin Board, which appeared and immediately disappeared. This is due to a Server Compromise at, which has suffered a zero-day-exploit causing the operators to take the site down.

According to the notice on their site, the attacker gained entry through the PHPList application and was able to dump a complete backup of the emails on file. He then used the same exploit to access the database. Both the email list from PHPlist and a copy of the users table were then posted publicly.

As the Bristol Programming Bulletin Board uses the open source application PHPBB, we felt it prudent to delay the launch until it is confirmed that the vulnerability does not affect phpBB3. For more information about the vulnerability and exploitation visit Area51 @

We are confident that you will understand the reason for this delay, and can wait a little while longer for the new facility. Meanwhile, more information about this security vulnerability will be posted on the TechCo Support Site