With the Christmas holiday just about over, thoughts are turning to the forthcoming Trevor Carter Memorial Gig which is rumored to be scheduled for a Bristol location early in the 2012.

As a fellow programmer, supporter and colleague of Bristol Programming, Trevor Carter‘s untimely death in January this year was a sad loss to the Bristol developers community. What better way to remember a great web developer and musician than holding a memorial gig for him in a venue where he played with one of his many bands. We are encouraging all web developers and programmers in Bristol to offer support via the Friends Of Trevor Carter website

If you would be interested in contributing to the Trevor Carter Memorial Gig as a performer or crew, or just go along to rock with the rest of the crowd, please Contact them via the form on the website, as soon as possible. This event will be for charity, with all proceeds donated as per the wishes of Trevor’s widow, Conny, his family.