So a salesman walks into a bar and offers the bartender a bottle of Leprechaun Repellent. “Does it come with a Guarantee?” asks the bartender. “Of Course!” responds the salesman “If you are bothered by Leprechauns after taking this Leprechaun Repellent, then you can have your money back!”

We have heard a few Search Engine Optimisers (or SEOs) who are selling Leprechaun Repellent when they guarantee they can get you to the top of the organic search ranking on Google or Yahoo! There are three reasons why claims to get you to the top of Google are bogus and meaningless:

  • No-one can give a meaningful guarantee about your search rank because it depends on many factors including the actions of others.
  • Your position for a given post may be transient and can change with time. New posts rank higher than old news.
  • Hotly contested key phrases attract a lot of attention from SEOs so making guarantees meaningless.

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